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  • June 1
    June 1

    Engrave a NACC Seat Plate

    Our new theatre seats are being adorned with custom engraved seat plates ($150 each). Plates can be engraved with a name, a business or a personal message. We recommend a maximum of thirty characters per plate for best results....

  • December 15
    December 15

    Be a NACC star behind the scenes

    After coming across some additional expenses required for the ongoing operation of this theatre and a particularly ambitious show featuring Northern Indigenous women, the Northern Arts and Cultural...
  • January 18
    January 18

    Cas Public’s 9

    Montreal dance company Cas Public – which recently won $30,000 from the Conseil des arts de Montréal as part of the March 2017 edition of the Grand Prix – now houses an atypical performer, Cai Glover, who...
  • January 21
    January 21
    • January 23
      6:30 pm
      • Fort Simpson
    • January 27
      1:00 pm
      • Yellowknife
    • January 27
      6:30 pm
      • Yellowknife
    • January 27
      4:00 pm
      • Yellowknife

    Children`s Festival of Silliness

    Robinson Crusoe 
    + Friday
  • February 8
    February 8

    Northern Scene Series - Brian Weadick and Crook the Kid

    Dylan Jones (a.k.a Crook The Kid)
    Dylan Jones is a hip-hop artist who grew up in the Sahtu community of Fort Good Hope. Under the stage name Crook The Kid, he uses his own life experience and gritty sound to tell a tale of hardship and overcoming one’s...
  • February 10
    February 10

    Northern Scene Series - Casey Koyczan (a.k.a. NAHGA)

    NÀHGĄ is an indigenous multi-instrument live-looper that utilizes a variation of effects with his instruments and voice to create dynamic layered compositions that house anecdotes of electronica, hip-hop, and rock/metal/...
  • February 17
    February 17

    Women's Words / Yenene Yati / Arnat Oqausiit

    This Yenene Yati/Arnat Oqausiit project is a NACC production that promises to tell a unique story not often heard in Canadian media. Its title means “women’s words” in North Slavey and Siglit Inuvialuktun, and as such promises to tell a story of Indigenous women, written and performed...

  • February 19
    February 19
    • February 20
      7:30 pm
      • Norman Wells
    • February 22
      7:30 pm
      • Inuvik
    • February 24
      7:30 pm
      • Yellowknife
    • February 26
      7:30 pm
      • Fort Simpson
    • February 28
      7:30 pm
      • Hay River

    Shane Howard

    Shane Howard
    Born 1955 in South West Victoria, Australia, Shane Howard combines a deep understanding of poetic and musical folk traditions and captures something essential of the spirit of Australia in words and music. Nevertheless, his songs have a global...